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Furnaces and Oven

Libratherm has been supplying various types of temperature controllers and thyristor power packs for small and large furnaces and ovens. Our models DTC-300, TPC-10, APID-10 etc… are in use for controlling the temperature of the laboratory ovens and furnaces in the range of 0- to 1000-C. Our models PID-300, PID-723 are in use for controlling the temperature of muffle furnace, hardening furnace, annealing furnace, tampering furnace, vacuum furnace etc… in the range of 1000- to 2000-C. Wherever controlled rate of heating and cooling is required in the furnace, our models PRC-300 and PRC-309 are widely in use for achieving ramp/soak function in the heating cycle. For high temperature furnaces made using silicon carbide or molybdenum heating elements our programmers along with the thyristor power pack with current limit feature are widely used by metallurgy and ceramic industry for research and development. Our customized computer interfacing software for these controllers are also in use for on line controlling the furnace/oven and monitoring time v/s temperature behavior in tabular and graphical format on the computer screen.