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Libratherm has been supplying various types of temperature controllers, DC motor controllers and Timers/Counters for OEMs manufacturing machines for heat sealing, blister packaging, bottle filling, thermoforming etc… Our Temperature controller models TPC-10, APID-10, DTC-300, etc… Are used for precise temperature control of small low wattage heaters in the machines. Our Multi loop PID controller Model PID-8000 has been used for controlling the temperature of the large and on line bottle washing conveyor machines using the water, incorporating steam heating systems, where six solenoid valves are controlled to maintain precise temperature. DC drives models TDM-10 and TDM-1000 are used for controlling speed of the DC motors used in the machines. Our models process indicators and counters BPM-3, DCR-403, UTC-400 are used for object counting and cut to length applications. We are offering special two input and two output pid controller for controlling the temperature of the two heaters in blister packaging machines. Various customized instruments are offered in the packaging industry – for further information please write to us.