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Libratherm has been supplying various types of Digital and Microprocessor based equipments to the plastic industries. Such as for the plastic material testing equipments – OEM, our temperature controllers models TPC-10, PID-300, PID-723 and digital stop watches models SW-300, SW-302 and LSW-72 are in use for the MFI (Melt Flow Index) tester. Other instruments such as Universal Load Indicator ULC-5 are in use for the tensile testing machine and Static/Kinetic friction testing machines. Special indicators are developed for measuring opacity/transparency of the plastic material under test. For plastic manufacturing industries, our multi loop PID controller model PID-8000 along with our thyristor power packs and ready to use control panels has been in use for thermo plastic injection moulding and extrusion machines for precise heating and heating + cooling control. We have supplied the systems to control simultaneously the 24 heating zones of a large single mould. Since last 10 years our models are performing satisfactorily on the field.