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Designation: Embedded Development Executive

Job Description
• To work for Design & Development Department.
• To work on existing product for upgradation and modification.
• Deriving specification from requirement of client
• Writing firmware for embedded electronics instruments as per finalized specification
• Introducing of new design techniques for the development of new products.
• Verifying logic instruments developed.
• Preparing required design drawings, diagrams, production documents before handing over the project to the production dept.
• Coordinating with the production dept. for the continual improvement of the products under manufacturing.
• Training production team regarding working and handling of instruments.
• To update M.D. on daily basis about the latest developments taking place, verbally or over internal emails.
• Any other work assigned by the Managing Director (LIPL) or related to the new product or software development.
• To Maintain the records on PC/ Paper as per the ISO norms.

Job Specification
Male Candidate
Location : Mumbai Western suburb
Required Education:
• M.Sc. in Physic/ Electronics OR
• B.E./ M.E. Electronics
Area Of Interest:
• Interested in embedded software development
• Willingness to work in electronics field
• Maintain a broad knowledge of new technology, equipment, and systems in electronics field.
• Assembly language, C, Embedded C, C++, C#
• 8051, ARM cortex (Architecture, Instruction Set)
• Thorough with embedded electronics Softwareand Hardware
Skills and Abilities:
• Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities.
• Exceptional professional and interpersonal skills in the areas of planning, communicating, creative thinking and problem solving skills.
• Identify and implement both technical and process improvements/solution.
• Promote active listening with team members.
• Contribute appropriately to conversations.
• Strong written & oral communication skills to effectively and comfortably communicate with end users.
• Follow through with commitments and foster mutual trust with fellow colleagues.
• Assume additional responsibility without being asked.
Customer Oriented Approach:
• Understand expectations that were set with customer.
• Exemplary customer service mentality and “can-do” attitude, including a demonstrated willingness to commit the additional time and effort necessary during periods of heavy workload in order to meet project milestones and implementation deadlines.


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