Data Acquisition Software (DAQ)

Libratherm offers Data Acquisition Software - which uploads the stored data from Libratherm devices and it saves on the computer.
We offer customized software to meet the user's specific requirement of acquiring the process data for further analysis and record logging.

Salient Features of the Standard Software

  • The PC software version EDATALOG is available on a single CD. This software is to be loaded on to the computer's hard disk, and it allows interfacing of DATALOG to the computer.
  • The interfacing with the computer is made either on serial com port or on USB port.
  • The front panel screen GUI (Graphical User Interface), in general, allows the user to configure:
    1. COM port settings
    2. DATALOG input selection
    3. Setting of log interval
    4. Setting of security passwords
    5. Viewing of current data and historical data in the tabular and graphical format.
  • The data of all channels are stored on the computer's hard disk by start date and time, continuously at the rate of programmed log interval.
  • Print out of the report and graph can be taken for the selected channel, with the real date and time.
  • The X and Y coordinates of the graph are automatically adjusted based on the process value so that the pattern is visible on the center of the screen. This is called auto-scaling which applies to all the channel.
  • Customer or user can enter their own desired alphanumeric field, such as company name, operator name, channel nomenclature, unit of measurement, process name, etc. to customize the software as per their requirements while generating the report or graph on-screen or on the hard copy.
  • Any other software facility can be customized as per the user's requirements.

Products with Data Aquisition Software