Libratherm is an innovation-driven manufacturer of Process Control Instruments and Systems since 1991. We cater to a wide range of industries, by providing accurate measurement, precise control, and implementing modern standards in data logging and industrial communication.

Libratherm works closely with OEMs of Pharmaceutical Machineries to engineer the best possible solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

OEMs we supply to:

  • Flat bed dryer
  • Tablet coater
  • Autoclaves
  • Drying ovens
  • Stability chambers
  • BOD incubators

Libratherm also works directly with the Pharmaceutical Plants to provide best in class solutions for Clean Room Monitoring, Environment/Process Data Logging, and Temperature / Humidity control.

Clean Room Monitoring Systems

(Temperature - Humidity - Differential Pressure)

Libratherm offers an All-in-one solution for Clean Room Monitoring of Pharmaceutical rooms and laboratories. The THP-300x series offers a 1” Tri-colour display for long-distance visibility, inbuilt data logging, and an on-demand real-time clock. An analog output in the form of 4-20mA and Digital output in the form of MODBUS RTU over RS-485 is also available.

The THP-30x series is an economical, miniature version offering 0.5” Tri-colour display. Optionally analog and digital outputs are available.
*All models are available in Wall Mount and Concealed enclosures.

Data Loggers & Scanners

Temperature / Process Data Loggers & Scanners

Data Loggers: Libratherm make Data loggers are widely used across industries for precise and reliable data logging solutions. Up to 8 input channels can be connected and multiple digital outputs are available for alarms. Libratherm also offers CFR 21 Part 11 compliant PC software for report generation and long term storage. Multiple data loggers can be connected to a single computer to create multiple channel data logging systems.

Process Scanners: Libratherm offers Temperature / Process scanners for continuous monitoring up to 8 input channels. The output is available in the form of alarm relays and MODBUS RTU over RS-485.

T+RH Sensors & Transmitters

Temperature / Humidity Sensors & Transmitters

Libratherm offers economical, rugged, reliable, and accurate Temperature & Humidity sensors for measurement of the atmosphere, environment, AHU, and stability chamber. Sensors and Transmitters are available in various mounting arrangements. Industry-standard outputs are available which can be connected to various indicators and controllers.

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