Libratherm is an innovation-driven manufacturer of Process Control Instruments and Systems since 1991. We cater to a wide range of industries, by providing accurate measurement, precise control, and implementing modern standards in data logging and industrial communication.

We have been supplying various types of instruments to the OEM of jewellery making machineries

Our products can be used in furnaces like the Wax Burnout Furnace, Dust Burnout Furnace, Wax Injectors and can also be useful in the vulcanizing process, investment casting process, gold/silver melting process, and many such processes.

Vulcanizing Process

Libratherm's On-Off Temperature can be used for making Rubber Die/Mould. The Model DPC-903 can play an integral part in the Vulcanizing Process.

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Jewellery Manufactures


Basic On-Off Temperature Controller
Jewellery Manufactures


Advanced On-Off Temperature Controller

Casting Process

Libratherm offers Ramp/Soak Temperature Programmer along with Single/Three Phase Thyristor Power Regulator for Wax Burnout Furnace for Investment Casting.

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Jewellery Manufactures


Ramp Soak PID Temperature Controller
Jewellery Manufactures


High Temperature Ramp Soak PID Controller

Gold/Silver Melting Process

We offer ready to use Temperature Control Panels for various Furnaces like Gold/Silver Melting Furnace, Dust Burnout Furnace, Vulcanizer and Wax Injectors.

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75VDC-300A-rectifier-right 2 (1)

Control Panel

Thyristor based Control Panels
Jewellery Manufactures


Advanced Ramp Soak PID Temperature Controller

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