Computer Software for DATALOG-804

Libratherm offers CFR compliant DAQ Software (for pharma industries) and non-CFR compliant DAQ Software (for other industries), which allows the user to online and offline monitor the real-time behavior of various process parameters in the tabular and graphical format and also facilitates user to retrieve historical trends.

Key Features of DATALOG-804 PC Software EDATALOG-804:

  1. PC software EDATALOG meets the requirement of CFR21 part 11 compliance.
  2. EDATALOG allows user to connect 1 to 8 numbers of dataloggers.
  3. Allows user to monitor process value of all the connected dataloggers on front screen.
  4. Facility to scroll the screen for selection of each datalogger.
  5. EDATALOG-808 is completely user-configurable to suit the requirement.
  6. Facility to create multiple users with configurable access rights by Admin (Software Administrator) in CFR compliant version.
  7. Facility to define the password validity period or duration. Beyond the valid period, the password will automatically expire and user access will be denied.
  8. Facility to deactivate user access in the event of 3 wrong password entry. In that case, only Admin will have the right to reactivate the access.
  9. Facility to backup the data and restore the stored data.
  10. Facility to export data files in pdf/word/excel format.
  11. Admin can generate the Audit trail report, which allows the user to track activities performed by all the users.
  12. User can take the printout of table and graph for the selected channels or all the channels.
  13. User can designate each DATALOGGER with a different name and each channel with the desired name, for the ease of identification and proper record keeping.
  14. User can set the unit of measurement for each channel, like Ch1 UOM as oC, Ch2 UOM as Kg/Cm2, Ch3 UOM as %,0 etc.
  15. User can set Alarm limits, Datastore interval and Print Interval for all the channels of all the connected DATALOGGERS.
  16. Facility to view Alarm status / Alarm trail report of all the connected data loggers.
  17. Facility to display the date, time and process value on the graph at the cursor point.
  18. Facility to generate instant email alerts of current status and Alarm conditions for each DATALOG-808.
  19. Users can also configure the Email menu and Telegram menu. (optional features).
  20. User can Digitally sign the report as per the requirement of CFR compliance.
  21. Facility to generate a report by selecting the desired date and time period.
  22. When the computer is not connected to the datalogger, the data will still be stored in the DATALOG-804 internal memory. Once again when the computer is reconnected to the DATALOG-804 and the software is run, the data stored in the internal memory will be transferred to the computer memory.
  23. User must note that during such data transfer duration the real-time data will not be captured by the DATALOG-804. The time taken by data transfer will depend on the size of the offline data stored in the internal memory. Maximum data transfer time will be 5 minutes.