Computer Software for HTC-3003

ECHAMBER New Software – developed to interface with our controller HTC-3003 to Online or Offline monitor and control temperature and humidity of the stability chambers. This software works on the operating system - Windows 7 and above.

Key Features of HTC-3003 PC Software:

  1. Maximum 4 chambers can be interfaced to a single computer. (More chambers can be connected against the requirement)
  2. PC software has the facility to create an unlimited number of users – with user-programmable access rights for administrator and user.
  3. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is user-friendly and allows front screen viewing of T + Rh set values, actual values, alarm status and on a line graph.
  4. User is allowed to insert the sample in the chamber and whose detail log sheet and real time-based report can be created.
  5. Each user can create their own batch and which can be tracked and monitor with respective access rights.
  6. Admin will have access to all the required rights to monitor the activity of each user.
  7. User with Admin rights can set and alter the parameters, such as controller tune values, set values, alarm values.
  8. User with restricted rights can only monitor the system on the computer screen. User with the password can insert and remove the samples from the stability chamber.
  9. FDA Compliance can be provided as per 21 CFR part 11.
  10. User can create the report (graphical or tabular) with respect desired date and time to monitor or analyze the real-time data of specific duration.
  11. User with admin rights can set the options to control the operation of the chamber such as:
    • To turn off the chamber automatically when all the running batches are completed or
    • To turn off the chamber when all samples are removed either by user or admin and
    • The chamber can be made to remain ON permanently irrespective of the completion of batch or emptiness of the chamber.
  12. User with Admin rights can add or delete the users, can alter the user password.
  13. When the PC is not connected to the controller HTC-3003, the data storage will take place within the controller built-in flash memory. When the PC is connected the stored data will be captured by this software and will reset the controller memory. Users can view the downloaded data. The downloaded data will be automatically linked to the existing on-going and created a batch. This facility allows the user to not to leave the computer ON during nonworking days.
  14. The hard copy or printout of the created batches and reports can be generated by the user with the Admin right or by a specific user. The report will display in tabular format the date, time, set values and process values. In addition, the print out of the report will also include the user name and user type to identify the report user wise.
  15. User with Admin right or own right can create the report with Chamber name, Sample name, Start and end of the batch date/time and specific user name. The report will also include the maximum and minimum values of Temperature and %Rh.
  16. Various screenshots of this software are shown below.