Computer Software for PRC-309

Libratherm offers Microsoft Window-based software to view the online behavior of the heating system in both graphical and tabular format on the computer screen.

Computer Software to operate PRC-309:

  1. EPRC309 Window based software allows user to interface One to Eight nos.of PRC-309 controller to the computer through RS485 to USB convertor.
  2. The software allows user operate the controller through PC to program the PID values, Set Values and Ramp/Soak profile time/temperature values.
  3. It allows user to Start and Stop the profile through the computer keyboard.
  4. It allows online monitoring of all the connected Furnace temperature on the computer screen.
  5. View the On Line status of the profile parameters like Program number, Step number, Remaining time, % Output Power, Alarm status, etc.
  6. View the real time furnace temperature v/s time graph of all the furnace.
  7. View the real time temperature with respect to set point in the tabular format.
  8. Export the readings in WORD/EXCEL/PDF format.
  9. User defined Access Password to allow Authorized access to change and edit the program parameters.
  10. Furnace wise Batch can be created by specifying the desired date and time duration.
  11. Print out can be taken for the selected batch table and graph.
  12. Historical data can be searched by specifying batch name or user defined fields.