Return & Refund Policy

Libratherm Instruments Pvt. Ltd. will Refund the full or part of the Bill amount against receipt of the goods at its Mumbai works, in the original packed condition subject to following terms and conditions.

  1. If customer wants to return the purchased goods for the reason best known to him or her – Libratherm Instruments Pvt. Ltd. will refund the full or part payment, provided the purchased goods are returned within 10 to 15 days from the date of receipt duly packed in the original packing along with the original Delivery Note and Invoice copy, which was sent along with the goods.
  2. The refund amount will be calculated and refunded only after 30 to 45 days, based on the condition of the returned goods and which is not found to have tampered, damaged or misused.
  3. The charges paid towards Freight/Transportation/Packing Forwarding and other incidental charges incurred while delivering the goods, will not be refunded.
  4. In the event, customer wants to exchange the goods with the same quantity and part number – the same will be done so, subject to the receipt of the goods in original packed condition before the exchange process is initiated, the received goods will be inspected, whether it is not tampered and misused or damaged. If any such observations are made, the same will be intimated to the Buyer and accordingly, charges will be levied, which will have to be paid by the Buyer in advance, prior to exchange is made.
  5. Libratherm Instruments Pvt. Ltd. will ensure that the delivery of the ordered/exchanged goods are made as per the ordering code and will be delivered in good packing condition.