Computer Software for THP-3003

Libratherm offers standard and customized DAQ software to log the real-time data of (T + Rh + DP) on the computer. Single THP or Multiple THP can be configured to integrate with the DAQ software. The software can be customized as per the user’s requirement.

Key Features of EMS (Environment Monitoring System) PC Software:

  1. 500ms response time (for 50 to 100 instruments) simultaneous update in all (This is the unique feature – a technological breakthrough in multiple device communication).
  2. 32 devices per port up to total 255 devices (No. of parameters is 765).
  3. Real time graph for each parameter.
  4. Individual setting of parameter.
  5. Automatic data download.
  6. Communication fault detection.
  7. Individual device batch creation.
  8. Programmable store interval.
  9. 21 CFR part 11 compliant with Audit Trail Report.
  10. User rights management (3 levels of users Admin-Supervisor–Operator).
  11. Generate batch report and graphs.
  12. Reports can be converted and exported to Excel, PDF, word format.
  13. Reports can be shared via email (Optional feature).
  14. Remote view to view real data & stored batches on LAN (extra optional).
  15. Scalable GUI (concise & detailed).
  16. Auto configuration of connected devices.
  17. Device location name can be set.